Angert's Hydrographics LLC.

Specialize in Hydrographics Dipping and Plasti Dip

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Price list:

Angert's Hydrographics LLC. Price List

(All Prices are starting prices per bike based off size and labor involved)


Deer skull (European and sealed) $130.00

Deer Skull (dipped or antiqued): 225.00

Small Game Skull (dip/antiqued) :  $100.00

Large Game Skull (dip/antiqued) :  $220.00

Skull Cleaning only (dip/antiqued) : $60.00


***All pricing includes beetle cleaning and degreasing of skulls.

*$50.00 deposit is required on all drop offs and can be paid in full at time or rest can be paid when complete*


Deluxe Bow Package (Risers, Cams, Limbs, Stabilizers, and Top Quiver) $250.00

Complete Bow Package ( Risers, Cams, and Limbs) $200.00

Limbs Only $70.00

Risers Only $150.00

Cams (pair) $60.00

Release $20.00

Bow Stabilizer $40.00

Quiver (top only) $50.00

***All archery items being dipped must be disassembled by customer prior to dipping***


Complete pistol package (Slide & Grip/ Lower) $120.00

Slide Only $60.00

Grip/Lower Only $60.00

Pistol Hard Cases $80.00


Complete package (Barrel and stock)  $200.00 (shotgun/rifle) $230.00 (rifle with scope)

Barrel Only $100

Stock $130.00

Scope $60.00 (must sign waiver)

Scope Rings $20.00 (both)

AR- 15 Rifles:

Complete Gun Package (includes: buttstock, hand guard, upper/lower, grip, and 1 magazine)  $250.00

AR upper $65.00

AR lower $65.00

Rails (4) $55.00

Grip $30.00

Hand Guard (standard) $60.00

Buttstock $70.00

Barrel $70.00

Two piece receiver $100.00

20-30 rd. magazine $20.00


Window rain guards $50.00 a piece for large $30.00 a piece for small rain guards

Valve covers starting at $200

Trim or plastics message for quote


***PRICES vary off size, prep work, clearcoat, patterns, pin stripping, paints, and more. message me for a more exact quote on your bike.***

Whole bike price starting  at $1,300

Gas Tank $400-$600

Front Fender $250.00-$400.00

Rear Fenders $400.00-$600.00

Inner Fairings $300.00-$600.00

Outer Fairings $500.00-$800.00

Wind Deflector $75.00

Horn Cover $40..00

Center Console $300.00

Handle Bars $80..00 (both)

Side Cover Plates $75.00

Lid Covers on Saddle Bags $300.00-$500.00 for pair

*All prices are for popular items being dipped.. Can dip other stuff also. Message me for quote.

House Items:

Light/Outlet Covers Switch Cover  $10.00

Ceiling Fan Blades $15.00 per blade( only one side. both sides $30.00 per blade)

Toilet Seat $40.00

Toilet Seat Cover $40.00


Hard Hat $60.00

Welding Helmet $75.00

Full Helmet $80.00

1/2 Helmet $60.00


Rc bodies $120.00

Golf Heads $80.00

Mailboxs $150.00

Flashlights $40.00

Fishing Pole $7.00 per foot

Knife Grip $40.00

Game Console $150.00